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06 July 2008 @ 08:30 pm
I've been very very uncreative recently. I think it's a side affect of that condition called A-levels. However, now I'm no longer stuck in the quagmire they call revision, I want to start making things again. But this thing I can't find is inspiration. I really need a kick up the bum to get me back into the grove and then I'll be away.

So, I would be very, very grateful if anyone could give me a few ideas for any sort of fandom-y graphic.

I'm particularly interested in Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural and 4400 based ideas.

Thanks for your help.
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24 December 2007 @ 10:35 pm
Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope you all have a sparkly and fun festive season and a great new year.

Enjoy yourselves!
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15 December 2006 @ 10:49 pm

I think I'm well on my way to mac-ville. I have nothing against macs, but up until recently, I was more than happy with my PC, run off windows, which I liked and could do stuff with.

However, 2 months of hanging with two mac geeks, and dating one of them, is seriously starting to poison my mind. I'm starting to get pissed off about little things in windows, beginning to hate MSN and I'm thinking seriously about getting a macbook next year for uni. 
Why god damn it?! 
I can upgrade pcs my self, and its cheap to do. 
Why must I be seduced by the pretty under-dog? Who cares if apple systems are better than windows when most of the world uses it? 

I really need to find away to like windows again, if for no other reason than my bank balance. Therefore I'm downloading a Visual Basic editor and I'm going to have a go at making some apps. If that can't kick start my affections for windows, nothing will. 


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08 October 2006 @ 12:23 pm
...one Torchwood wallpaper. Which I am really proud of.

I've uploaded 4 different resolutions. Just ask if you would like a different one. 

800x600                                                        800x1280                            1024x768                                          1280x1024
 Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net   Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net  Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net

Comments appreciated, no hotlinking please.
Pictures from the BBC.
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06 October 2006 @ 06:37 pm
Poll #838525 Naming my calculator...

What should I call my rather spiffy new calculator

Ruth/ The Evershed

Yes, it's sad but it's so clever! I need something to call it!
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26 September 2006 @ 08:09 pm
Today was busy, busy, busy with lots of homework and classwork. At one point I thought my head might implode!

However, a fandom war revived me at the end of the day!
My maths teacher asked if we were excited for the lost finale as he was, so me and someone else were like, SEEN IT! HA! Then he mentioned how he liked 24 and thought it was the best thing ever, so I jumped in and said "Its good, but Spooks and Alias are better."So he rolled out the Jack Bauer is fantastic wagon, (although Chloe, Tony and Shell are the best characters...),so I said "Jack Bristow is way better" and someone mentioned that he thought Buffy and Angel was better, so I will have to get talking to them soon. However, I'm going to cover my Core Maths divider with Alias and Spooks things and scrawl over it things like : APO always there to sort out CTU's many screw ups, in half the time. 

Spooks was fab again on Monday, and there was Ruth/Harry shippiness, when I was watching the Season 4 repeats, my shippy sensibilities were fired up and I was very squeeful. I need icons damnit!
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20 September 2006 @ 09:19 pm
Whooo! I'm done!
Subject: Doctor Who (2005) Season 2
Batch #6: (#83-#100)
Themes: (#5, #10)
Additional Notes: Spoilers for all of Season 2. Comments appreciated. No hotlinking. Credit if taking.

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08 September 2006 @ 07:47 pm
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06 September 2006 @ 11:02 am

Subject: Doctor Who (2005) Season 2
Batch #5: (#68-#82)
Themes: (#2, #6, #7, #11, #15, #27, #33, #35, #36)
Additional Notes: Comments Appreciated, Please Credit, No Hotlinking, Spoilers for all of season 2.


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